How to Upgrade a UCC Masternode to another Level

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In your local wallet; in your "Send->Open Coin Control", you can nail down into the wallet of the masternode you are upgrading, and 'unlock unspent" on the collateral transaction.

if you don't have Open Coin Control, you can get that from Settings->Options->Wallet->"enable coin control features"

After you've unlocked that collateral; you can select the adresses you want the coins to come from.

or just select all; and use "custom change address" to sweep the remaining into whatever address you want the remaining coins to be in

Then you just send the new collateral to the address for the masternode. Get the new transaction tx; replace the old TX in your masternode.conf file with the new TX; restart the wallet, wait for your confirmations on the transaction, and start the masternode. You don't have to touch the running node on the VPS at all.

so basically

  • Unlock the old collateral in the local wallet
  • re-send it with the balance for the new collateral (new Level MN Collateral Amount)
  • replace the transaction ID
  • restart local wallet and start the masternode after you have enough confirmations

Thanks to CaveSpectre for this Entry!